Nexus Platform Plugin for Jenkins with OSS version

I’m using the nexus repository manager oss version 3.19.0-01 and I was wondering if I integrate the Nexus Platform Plugin into my jenkins server, would it be possible to use the

nexusPublisher nexusInstanceId: 'nx3', nexusRepositoryId: 'maven-releases', packages: [[$class: 'MavenPackage', mavenAssetList: [[classifier: '', extension: '', filePath: '/Users/johnsmith/dev/fancyWidgetProject/fancyWidget.jar']], mavenCoordinate: [artifactId: 'fancyWidget', groupId: 'com.mycompany', packaging: 'jar', version: '1.1']]], tagName: 'build-125'

call to deploy a component to my repository as a step on a jenkins pipeline? The documentation mentions that Staging is only available for the pro version but I was wondering if it also applies to publish function or not.

My current pipeline first gets the code from my github repo, build the jar files (doesn’t use the maven build instead there’s a custom build process) and then on the last step uploads the components using another plugin. I was wondering if I can swap my current plugin with the Nexus Platform Plugin to do the same thing?

Publish using the Nexus Platform Plugin will work with Nexus OSS.