Nexus Randomly deleting maven snapshots artifacts

We are using Nexus 3.6.0 in the last 2 months (upgraded from 3.41),
in the last week we are getting random deletions of artifacts from our Maven snapshots repo ,
all the missing artifacts are soft-deleted - they exist in the UI but not really exist - getting 500 error.
when checking the prop files on our S3 buckets - we can see for example:
deletedReason=Deleting asset AttachedEntityId{asset->#35:2193757}
with date stamp : #Tue Jan 23 23:10:51 GMT 2024

we disabled every cleanup policy, every compact task and still , and actually all tasks.
and still, every morning we have more failures of missing files that deleted during the night.

what else we can check ?
there is some known issue with the version ?


I’m not aware of any issues. You could check the audit log to see if there is more information about actions that occurring in Nexus around the times you’ve seen.

One possibility you may consider - do you have a cloned instance around (e.g. staging or test instance)? If you do perhaps it is pointed at the same S3 bucket and is responsible for deleting the blobs.

Yes !
the older server was powered on and ran all the schedules tasks ,
you saved us,
many thanks !