Nexus Replication

I would like to implement Nexus Replication using version 3.30. Does this version support the repository format docker? The documentation seem to imply that the docker format is new (or supported) in version 3.

Snippet of documentaton:

Source and target repositories must be in one of the supported formats:

  • Docker

NEW IN 3.35.0

I have to stick with version 3.30.


Hi Robert,

Nexus Repository 3.30.0 does support Docker format repositories, but Repository Replication available in 3.30.0 did not support that format yet. If you want to use Repository Replication with Docker repositories you have to use Nexus Repository 3.35.0 or later.

We highly recommend running the latest release as we are continuously improving the product and running old version you may miss on new features and bug fixes (recent releases shipped with some important bug fixes for Docker format).