Nexus Repo 3.29.2-02 - intermittent problems when publishing artifacts [nexus.domain:443 failed to respond -> [Help 1]]

K8S 1.18, Nexus 3.29.2-02
Ever since we upgraded to 3.29.2-02, we have been experiencing intermittent problems when publishing artifacts. We have been able to reproduce it though takes few attempts. It is not always on same artifact. Also, we have tried different clients (i.e. runner on EC2 instance and runner on K8S] and both cases, the client (runner) throws the same error [nexus.domain:443 failed to respond → [Help 1]]

Nothing in our CI/CD changed other than upgrading from 3.23 to 3.29.2-02. Any suggestions/ideas on additional logs to enabled as to better understand the problem? Thanks