Nexus Repo 3 Logging - Log Viewer

As an admin I want to look at the log viewer and monitor what has been downloaded, uploaded, and changed from Origin IP and User ID. But I cannot figure out which default logger Nexus 3 would show this information.

I see in Logging there are Loggers that come with nexus by default. Their Logger Levels can be set to INFO, ERROR, WARN, DEBUG, TRACE.

I can see that by changing the levels of each Logger I can gain more information.

Does anyone know which logger or how to create a logger that can show IP addresses and User ID when looking at Log Viewer?

You are looking for the request.log which will show both the ip address and the username of requests to Nexus Repository Manager. Currently this isn’t visible in the log viewer, but we might add the ability to view additional log files in the future.