Nexus repo 3 Upload/Download questions

Good afternoon, can someone maybe answer these questions?

  • Does Nexus have the ability to download/upload large large ISO files? (Example: 600GB ISO)
  • If I were to upload/download a file and cancel it midway, will nexus remember where to pick up where it left off last?
  • Is there a specific timer for how long a file can download/upload before it times out?
  • Is there a guide on how download/upload should flow?
  1. Yes, though often a proxy server in front of nxrm might block larger files and you could bump into a timeout on the UI
  2. nxrm will not remember a canceled upload
  3. There are timeout values that you can configure for the UI under Admin > System > Capabilities > UI: Settings > Settings; if you are pushing artifacts through the API, I don’t remember if we have a backend timeout that can be configured or not
  4. Not really sure what you are asking for on this?

Thank you for answering my questions. #4 was a walkthrough guide on how to actually upload/download files.

Probably my last questions for you then.

  • Do you know what options I would have, if I am trying to download a 600gb file and my internet connection often drops out?
  • I was thinking of using a tool such as “Gsplit” to split the 600gb file into 100 6gb files and upload them that way.
  • Is that my only option though? As that is quite a few clicks for a user to upload and download it
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That’s the only option I’m aware of, but maybe someone else knows differently. As far as uploading/downloading is concerned typical usage for a raw repository would be to upload via the upload UI or REST API. See Uploading Components in the docs.

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