Nexus repo manager copy all Releases Artifacts to Another Nexus Private Repostory

Hi Team,

we need to share the some releases Artifacts to some customer nexus repostory , Please help us how to copy release Artifacts to anothe Repository hosted on anoher places .

please suaggest us have any script or REST API to copy all Artificats between the Repository .

Nexux Vesrion: OSS

Hi Jagadish,

You could look at using the REST API for components:

You can get a list of all components, including the assets and their download url. There is also a REST API for upload.

You could explore writing a script that uses the REST API to get a list of all components, download them to a local directory and then upload them into the target repository.

Thanks fcremer.

Another option would be to have your customer create a proxy to your repository. That way they can continue to grab the latest releases publicly provided by your repository without having to regularly run a script.