Nexus Repository 3.25.1 Released

We are pleased to announce Nexus Repository 3.25.1.

This release includes security fixes, plus a handful of other fixes and improvements. See the release notes for more details on this release.

Nexus Repository Team

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Appears to be a pretty serious regression in 3.25.1 when using NEXUS_CONTEXT with the docker container. Unable to log in even with a fresh install. Instead I receive an IllegalStateException from the server.

After upgrading a login with our admin users is not possible.

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Same problem here, that was really bad, thanks to @plockaby for finding the answer so quickly.

Same problem here

Thanks for reporting this. We’re currently working on the regression and plan to have a new release out today.

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Posted in another message, this upgrade broke all my Maven repos.

I updated to 3.25.1. I tried nuget V3 protocol on my existing repositories.

I use Visual Studio 2017 Community as nuget client.
I added a new feed (V3) pointing to an existing repository (by appending ‘/index.json’ to the feed url).

The problem is that I can install only single packages, but not all related dependencies.

It seems that (only using V3 feed) the packages have no dependencies…

I miss something?

@gpolzoni What error are you seeing?

From “Log Viewer” I can’t see any error during packages requests.

I have a repository that works with v2 and I created a new v3 package source url that points to it.
So I have these package sources:

AULOS C# nightly: …/repository/nuget-aulos-csharp-nightly/
AULOS C# nightly v3: …/repository/nuget-aulos-csharp-nightly/index.json

When I ask for a package from the first source I get the package with related dependencies.

When I ask for the same package from the second source I get only the package.
Nuget VS plugin shows “No dependencies” on package information.

Let me know if you need further information.

Some repositories with fewer packages and dependencies work. Maybe is it something related migration logic from existing repositories? If it’s. Where can I find log about it? And is there a way to trigger it again?

@gpolzoni Hi, sorry my email was disabled incorrectly here for a while so I never saw your reply til today. I suggest making a new thread or maybe a bug in
You answered my question about error, I meant on the NuGet side…I guess I didn’t understand the issue, now I do. I don’t really have further questions, it just sounds incorrect to me (too).

Ok. Thanks.