Nexus Repository 3.30.0 Released

We are excited to launch Sonatype’s new Namespace Confusion Policy Protection using Nexus Firewall and Nexus Repository!

New in Nexus IQ Server 106 and Nexus Repository 3.30

Nexus users can now automate protection against dependency/namespace conflict at scale by connecting Nexus IQ Server’s policy management and component intelligence data with proxy repositories in Nexus Repository Manager.

Enforcing protection against dependency confusion attacks is as simple as:
:heavy_check_mark: Connect Nexus Repository Manager to Nexus IQ Server
:heavy_check_mark: Turn on ‘Proprietary Components’ feature in Nexus Repository
:heavy_check_mark: Configure Dependency Confusion Policy in Nexus IQ Server
:heavy_check_mark: Automate at scale with Nexus Firewall

For more details, check out our demo video to see how Nexus users can start protecting against dependency/namespace confusion attacks at scale.

Also included in the Nexus Repository release is support for Azure Blob storage, and GPG signatures for Yum repositories. See the release notes for more information.

Sonatype Product Teams