Nexus Repository 3.31.0 Released

We are pleased to announce Nexus Repository 3.31.0!

Nexus Repository Pro can now use an externalized PostgreSQL database instead of the embedded OrientDB. This means you can use highly available, cloud-provided databases like Amazon Aurora for improved resiliency and ease of operation.

This feature is fully supported for general use. This initial release supports a subset of formats: Maven, Docker, NuGet V3, PyPI, Helm, Raw, and Yum. Over the next few versions, we will continue to add support for other formats along with new reference architectures to help you make full use of these new database options.

To learn about new and upcoming resiliency options for AWS and on-premises deployments, check out the recent on-demand video recording from Sonatype’s Elevate User Conference!

Nexus Repository Team

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