Nexus Repository 3.33.0 Released

We are pleased to announce Nexus Repository 3.33.0!

This release includes:

Additional Postgres and H2 format support for Pro customers

As we continue to help our Pro customers adopt the new Postgres and H2 database backends, we now support the following formats on these databases:

Improvements to Resilient Nexus Repository Deployment Architecture

We’ve added the ability to load your Elasticsearch index on node startup. This allows you to make your Elasticsearch index automatically available to a new node in the event of a Nexus Repository failover.

New Pro Trial Landing Page

We’ve added a brand new in-product landing page for those interested in a Nexus Repository Pro trial. The new page provides information about Nexus Repository Pro features and easy access to our knowledge base.

Please refer to the 3.33 full release notes for more details.

Nexus Repository Team

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