Nexus Repository 3 - A plus in the artifact version causes publish to fail

Invalid publication ‘maven’: artifactId (base_name-1.0.0+123) is not a valid Maven identifier ([A-Za-z0-9_-.]+)

Is there a way to resolve this? This is a SemVer 2.0 versioning scheme

<valid semver> ::= <version core>
                 | <version core> "-" <pre-release>
                 | <version core> "+" <build>
                 | <version core> "-" <pre-release> "+" <build>

Is there a stacktrace related to this build in your nexus.log? What part exactly is failing?

Also note that Maven has its own version convention which predates semver and is different. I can’t find an official source at the moment but Oracle has one here - 7 Understanding Maven Version Numbers