Nexus Repository 3 - Vagrant Environment

How do I use it?

This is a Vagrant Environment for a Nexus Repository OSS service.This will:

  • Configure Nexus through Groovy scripts.
    • Create the adhoc-package repository.
    • Create the npm-group , npm-hosted and repositories.
    • Configure the NuGet nuget-hosted repository to accept pushing with an API key.
    • Schedule a task to remove the old snapshots from the maven-snapshots repository.
    • Create users and a custom deployer role.
    • For more details look inside the provision/provision-nexus directory.
  • Setup nginx as a Nexus HTTPS proxy and static file server.
  • Test the installed repositories by using and publishing to them.

NB If you are new to Groovy, be sure to check the Groovy Learn X in Y minutes page.


  • Most of the repository plugins are not open-source.
    • Only maven and raw are open-source.


Build and install the Ubuntu Base Box.Add the following entry to your /etc/hosts file:

Run vagrant up to launch the environment. See its output to known how to login at the local Nexus home page as admin (you can also login with one of the example accounts, e.g. alice.doe and password password ). NB nginx is setup with a self-signed certificate that you have to trust before being able to access the local Nexus home page.

Where do I get this?

Who can I contact about it?
COMPANY: Rui Lopes