Nexus Repository: Blob Store Explorer

How do I use it?

A CLI tool written in Golang that allows you to explore the Nexus Repository Blob Store.


The Blob Store explorer was written in Golang mostly because I wanted to learn it. The tool is designed to query/explore the blob store directly. This can be used for development or support. Some things it should be able to do:

  • find a count of soft-deleted blobs, verify the amount of storage that should be recovered after a compact.
  • find blobs associated with a certain repository
  • find blobs created by a specific user


blob-store-explorer --c --filter deleted=true  ~/develop/sonatype/nexus-internal/target/sonatype-work/nexus3/blobs/default/

Where do I get this?

Who can I contact about it?
COMPANY: Eric Cobb