Nexus Repository Manager 3 Installation Error

Hi while doing Nexus repository manager 3 installation

running the following in cmd “nexus.exe /run”

it returns this error
" Error occurred during the initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap "

I have made sure that my system has 8GB RAM, 4 CPU core and heap size of 2703MB according to the official system recommendation

May I know what could be causing this issue and if 8GB RAM is enough to run Nexus or should I increase the RAM size further.

Thank you

This is a pretty complex question to answer because it depends on your usage.
However, following the doc is a good idea.

Your heap of 2703 is the minimum per Perhaps try the maximum.

8GB ram will depend on your instance size. If it’s just you (fake example), 8GB should be more than enough. For a team of 10000 people it’s not.
See for details.

Also in case you were unaware, you have to restart your (repository) instance in between configuration changes. So if you changed them but didn’t restart you’d still be on the old settings.

Hope that helps,