Nexus Repository Manager is getting stuck every week - CRITICAL ISSUE

Hi guys, i’m working with Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager. ver: OSS 3.14.0-04.
Every week the application is getting stuck and we must restart the docker compose.
when the app is stuck the web is still available but you can’t do download, wget, curl etc… until reboot.
the log files not saying nothing regarding to the issue. (jvm, nexus log…)
we are working with docker compose. you can see the config/pic attached.

hope someone can help us here. this is a critical issue.
for now we don’t have the option to upgrade the system or the docker compose.

thank you very much all! waiting to hear from you

any update please?

This is a community forum, not a support site. If you have a paid license for our product then use the support system at If you are using the free version, you could try raising an issue in the “dev - nexus” project at