Nexus Repository Manager: Nuget Gallery V2 Changes

Microsoft has announced some changes to their component gallery. Sonatype has made efforts to insulate you from these changes, but some irreversible changes are taking place, especially for older clients. If your teams are using Nuget in your development, please review the changes to understand how you may be affected by this.

The Nuget V2 protocol makes use of a query mechanism called OData. On October 1st 2020 certain OData queries will be deprecated. Our testing shows that both Nexus Repository Manager 2 and Nexus Repository Manager 3 continue to work with these changes. However Nexus Repository Manager relays OData queries generated by developer tools, so it is possible that some versions of Nuget clients will no longer work.

Testing was performed using both the Nuget CLI and Visual Studio:

  • NuGet Version
  • Visual Studio Version 8.4.7 build 17

We recommend that you test your environment and specific client versions before October 1st to ensure there will be no disruption to your workflows. A pre-production version of the Nuget Gallery that includes the deprecated endpoints can be found at To test against this endpoint, we recommend configuring a new proxy repository that points at this URL. You should do this in your test environment if you have one.

To guarantee stability in the long term, Sonatype recommends upgrading to the latest version of NXRM and moving your engineering teams over to the Nuget V3 API (supported as of NXRM 3.25.0) which also brings a number of performance benefits: New in Nexus Repository 3.25: How Do I Switch to NuGet V3?