Nexus Repository manager on AWS cross region support

Hi Team,

We are looking for some support on cross region support using Nexus PRO or Nexus OSS version on AWS, what we did so far.

Setup that we used to sync data between Nexus servers in two different region (ex: A & B) :-

1.We created Nexus servers in two different regions (ex: A and B).
2.Mounted EFS to Nexus server and pointed sonatype-work to EFS.
3.Used Datasync to sync data between EFS in two different region.

What we were able to achieve?:

We are able to sync data between EFS in A &B region.

Issue that we came across?:

Earlier both the Nexus servers were up and running but after sync between EFS was done the Nexus server in the region B is not working, we tried everything possible to bring up Nexus in B region but no luck.

Please let us know how we can achieve this?

That scenario is not going to work as the sonatype-work directory is meant to be used by a single instance only. If you need your content available in both locations, you can setup one as a proxy to the other, or if you need both to be writeable I’d suggest running a mutual proxy setup.

The feature you are looking for is called replication and we don’t currently have support for it, so you’ll instead need to use some other approach like the one @dsawa suggested.

Hi @rmr.devops,

Thank you for submitting your question. Per the above reply, there is no supported way to sync up repository content between instances they way you described. However, we are working on a new Pro feature to address the need to provide faster access to hosted components in geo-dispersed instances. As we are working through the details of the implementation, if you are a Pro customer, you have the option to participate in our product preview program to check out how it works, give us feedback and potentially shape the feature set when we ship it.

Would you be interested in participating? If so, please let me know which company you are from and I can ask our customer success team be in contact with you or your company’s contact.

Thank you,