Nexus Repository Manager OSS 3.28.1-01 - Problem Scheduler - Storage facet cleanup, Task log cleanup


I have a problem with the scheduler in Nexus Repository Manager 3.
I get a red exclamation marc and there it’s showing:

Scheduler: 2 tasks require frequency updates: Storage facet cleanup, Task log cleanup

I know that the 2 task are “system” task and that i cannot start them som other tasks.
In the log filer there is no entry from these task, so they ar really not running.

My question:

How can I start these tasks or get these to run, if they don’t starts automatically with the nexus service?

Than’s for your help!

Its warning you that they need their frequency changed.

So it’s nothing i can do? Is it not possible to start these tasks another way?

I’m not sure what you mean. Its stating that a setting is missing from the tasks and you should update them.

This is exactly my problem, i have not enough knowledge. What have i to do to get this warning away?