Nexus repository manager proxy

Hello guys, I am unable to find the yum in the select recipe list, im trying to install a yum proxy inside the repositories, does anyone here knows how to solve this issue i am having?

Which version of repository manager are you using? You should be able to see the version number in the top left corner of the user interface.

Oh, it was 3.0.2-0.2, sflr! It must have been the version I was using, it is working now at version 3.27.0-03.

Great! I was suspicious that it may have been that simple. I don’t remember which specific version we shipped Yum support, but I know it’s available in the latest (which it seems you’re now using).

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Hey thanks man, btw I have a question about python files, r u an expert in this field?

I am not, and it’s probably better to start a new topic for separate questions (makes indexing / responding easier)

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Got it, thank you!