Nexus Repository Manager Staging Maven Plugin

How do I use it?

Nexus Maven Plugins

Collection of Apache Maven plugins supporting Nexus Suite.

Plugins available

  • Nexus Staging Plugin - Maven Plugin to perform Sonatype Nexus Staging Workflow steps from your build.
  • Nexus M2Settings Maven Plugin - Maven Plugin to download a settings.xml file templated stored in Nexus and potentially replace user token values.

Runtime requirements

Unless noted otherwise in corresponding plugin documentation, following are the minimal requirements:

  • Apache Maven: supported versions are 2.2.1 or 3.0.4+
  • Java: Java 1.6+

Issue tracking

Please use Sonatype JIRA to report issues (Component: Build Tooling) and please specify plugin version you use and Maven version you use it with .


Please note that the Nexus Maven Plugin is deprecated and replaced by the plugins in this project.

Where do I get this?

Who can I contact about it?
COMPANY: Sonatype