Nexus Repository Manager with Plugins in EKS

I was wondering if anyone has experience deploying Nexus into EKS while leveraging community plugins? So far I have been able to deploy Nexus into our EKS cluster via Sonatypes helm charts, but as it seems when you do this you lose all ability to use plugins unless you want to manage your own custom chart.

Does anyone have any experience doing this, or know if it’s even possible? I’m leaning on the side of it not being possible with Sonatypes base charts.


Community plugins are typically deployed as a “kar” bundle file in the deploy directory under the Nexus Repository install directory. Since that’s typically part of the container, you would either need to mount a volume for the deploy directory, or you could roll your own derived image and modify the helm chart to point to your modified container. I have an example of the latter at nexus-blobstore-google-cloud/Dockerfile at main · sonatype-nexus-community/nexus-blobstore-google-cloud · GitHub.

Yeah that is slightly what I was afraid of. I was hoping to be able to get the plugins deployed without having to maintain my own image.

Mounting a a volume for the deploy directory sounds like an interesting solution, but again looking at their helm it seems like there is no facility to mount or change the deploy directory in any meaningful way.

EDIT: Actually it seems it might be possible with initcontainers. Will investigate.

@alan.huang Just a note of caution that some customers have had bad outcomes using an embedded database with container orchestration, because of OrientDB’s risk of corruption on shutdown. You’ll want to make sure that you’re using the database backup task regularly. Normally for EKS deployments we’d recommend using Pro with an external PostgreSQL database.

Yeah I was reading about that in the documentation. We’ll be taking regular backups until we can decide if the pro license is right for us. Thanks for the heads up!