Nexus Repository OSS 3.12.1, and LTS version support

Dear Nexus Support,

I hope this email finds you well. We are currently using Nexus Repository version 3.12.1 in our environment. As part of our maintenance planning, we would like to inquire about the end of life date for this version and also obtain information on the latest LTS version available for upgrade.

Could you please provide us with details regarding:

  1. The end of life date for Nexus Repository OSS 3.12.1.
  2. The latest LTS version of Nexus Repository available for upgrade.

couldn’t find the EOL info. on this page


Hey there, @pradp999 . Repository 3.12.1 predates our published product life cycle policy, but it would have been end-of-life some time around December 2019.

We don’t have LTS versions for Repository, but the latest version is 3.66.0, which has an end-of-life date of September 5, 2025. This is described on our Nexus Repository 3 release status page.

We make a continuous stream of security fixes and other improvements, and from time to time there are serious, publicly known vulnerabilities. We recommend against using 3.19 for any purpose other than research at this point.

Can I ask, what triggered you to look at upgrading Repository now? Are there new capabilities that you want to use, or was it more driven by an internal risk assessment about using an old version?

Thank you for reaching out and providing clarity on the status of Repository version 3.19.
Regarding your question about what prompted our consideration for an upgrade, it’s a combination of factors. While we are interested in exploring new capabilities offered by the latest versions, our primary concern lies in addressing any potential security risks posed by using an outdated version.