Nexus Repository Pro - Introducing New Database Options

We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded Nexus Repository Pro’s architecture to support two new database options:

Option #1: Connect your Nexus Repository Pro instance to an external PostgreSQL database
Option #2: Use an embedded H2 database with your Nexus Repository Pro instance

We have designed these new database options to help you meet your resiliency, scaling, and business continuity requirements.

Setup and Upgrade

Depending on the formats required, Nexus Repository Pro users on version 3.31.0 and beyond can upgrade to either the embedded H2 database or to an external PostgreSQL database.

For existing Nexus Repository instances, we have developed a Database Migrator that will enable you to easily migrate from Orient database to PostgreSQL or H2. Read more about your options in our help documentation.

Newly licensed Nexus Repository Pro instances can start with either option depending on their needs.

PostgreSQL vs. H2

We recommend external PostgreSQL databases for moderate to large workloads and enterprise/mission-critical deployments.

The newly embedded H2 database is a lightweight, in-memory database with fast start times and high performance. It is ideal for small or temporary deployments that require fewer resources and less complexity.

Additional Benefits

Below are some of the additional benefits of an externalized PostgreSQL database:

  • Reduces downtime and increases artifact availability through simpler disaster recovery procedures based on replicated data rather than backup/restore.
  • Serves as the backbone for building fault-tolerant environments as it enables Kubernetes-/Openshift-friendly architecture.
  • Helps to achieve multi-datacenter redundancy and resilient deployments on premises or in the cloud.

For further details on system requirements, formats supported, and feature availability, see our help documentation.

Try implementing a resilient Nexus Repository deployment architecture on AWS or on-premises using an external PostgreSQL!


Nexus Repository Team