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Sonatype Nexus Puppet module
Install and configure Sonatype Nexus.

The following is a basic role class for building a nexus host. Adjust accordingly as needed.NOTE: you must pass version to Class[‘nexus’]. This is needed for the download link and determining the name of the nexus directory.

class role_nexus_server {


NOTE: Nexus requires

class{ ‘::java’: }

class{ ‘::nexus’:
version => ‘2.8.0’,
revision => ‘05’,
nexus_root => ‘/srv’, # All directories and files will be relative to this

Class[’::java’] ->
NOTE: If you wish to deploy a Nexus Pro server instead of Nexus OSS set deploy_pro => true

Usage(draft): Nexus 3 support
class role_nexus_server {

class{ ‘::nexus’:
version => ‘3.0.0’,
revision => ‘03’,
download_site => ‘’,
nexus_type => ‘unix’,
nexus_work_dir_manage => false

NOTE: If you wish to use Nexus 3, nexus_work_dir_manage need to be set to false because this module support only Nexus 3 installation

Nginx proxy
The following is setup for using the jfryman/puppet-nginx module. Nexus does not adequately support HTTP and HTTPS simultaneously. Below forces all connections to HTTPS. Be sure to login after the app is up and head to Administration -> Server. Change the base URL to “https” and check “Force Base URL”. The application will be available at:https://${::fqdn}/nexus/

class{ ‘::nginx’: }

file { ‘/etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf’:
ensure => absent,
require => Class[’::nginx::package’],
notify => Class[’::nginx::service’]

nginx::resource::vhost { ‘nexus’:
ensure => present,
www_root => ‘/usr/share/nginx/html’,
rewrite_to_https => true,
ssl => true,
ssl_cert => ‘/etc/pki/tls/certs/server.crt’,
ssl_key => ‘/etc/pki/tls/private/server.key’,

nginx::resource::location { ‘nexus’:
ensure => present,
location => ‘/nexus’,
vhost => ‘nexus’,
proxy => “http://${nexus_host}:${nexus_port}/nexus”,
ssl => true,
Find a way to not require a version to be passed to Class[‘nexus’]
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