Nexus server configured with HTTPS caused "PKIX path building failed" exception

Recently we have configured our nexus server to HTTPS (SSL). Upon doing the same on trying to upload or download the artifacts from nexus server we faced “PKIX path build validation failed”. To resolve this case we imported that certificate in the trust source of Java ( $JAVA_HOME/lib/security/cacerts). However, if anyone try to download the artifact by referring the hosted nexus URL, we are facing the same exception again. It will not be a good solution to make every users to trust our SSL certificate in Java on first-time usage.

We referred the sonatype support link to resolve. But it doesn’t help for our requirement as our certificate are signed with proper certificate authorities. Kindly provide your suggestions to fix this case so that all users can download the artifacts without issues.

Note: we are using Nexus 3 OSS

That is an error indicating whatever tool you’re using doesn’t recognize the certificate authority