Nexus setup as proxy but missing latest versions of packages


When I request a package from our Nexus Proxy for something that I can find on it is often the case that the latest version on is 1-3 days old but that latest version is not present in my Nexus Proxy.

How does Nexus deal with updating versions of packages?

  • Does it work on a timing basis?
  • Am I able to force it update for a particular package and version?
  • Does it recognise that I am asking for a package version that’s newer than the version already stored so it should then go and download it?

Currently I just get ECONNCT issues or 404 when asking Nexus for the latest verson.

Any help greatly received as this type of thing really slows down my development cadance.

Thanks, Mark

Nexus caches metadata for a period of time defined in your repository configuration.