Nexus SSO Postgres

Can I migrate the OrientDB database to PostgreSQL in the Nexus Community Edition?

Hi David,

PostgreSQL is part of the PRO offering, you can find a full description of whats included Repository Manager Pro Features

If you’re interested our website has more information Sonatype Nexus Repository - Binary & Artifact Management | Sonatype

Despite my being an OSS user I had a discussion with a Sonotype rep the other day where I made a case that this should not exclusively a pro feature and should be open to OSS users. The case was that it’s not that unusual that anyone who was legitimately using Nexus at all for a home lab situation is doing so to set up a learning environment and thee days that could very well also involve K8S (or in my case K3S). And also that such people tend to be influencers in their jobs. So it could be better for all if Sonatype doesn’t cause excess frustration for those people.