Nexus stalling after 3.49 update

Just what the title says. Upgraded to 3.49 from something like 3.46 (not precisely sure, haven’t investigated how to check the prior binaries directory) Friday evening, and our instance of Nexus has “stalled” for each of the last two mornings, requiring a restart of the service, after which it seemed to work without issue yesterday. This morning, however, I have had to restart Nexus twice.

Is my organization the only one having this problem? I reviewed the notes for 3.47 through 3.49 and I don’t see any reason to expect behavior to change. No major bugs, we haven’t changed our database configuration from the default (which is the internal OrientDB, I believe) so I wouldn’t expect to have missed any important steps.

Any thoughts?

It doesn’t sound like normal behaviour and could be a resultant of any number of things. Without further awareness there is nothing in the releases that we are aware of that could cause such issues. To further investigate, take a look at the logs for the nexus server as well as any other historical data you might see. Hanging often occurs when either the server or the java runtime runs out of resources so those might be worth a check.

Thanks for the suggestion. Dug through some logs and found errors related to JVM Memory configuration, which I tweaked and has seemed to help.