Nexus to Nexus migration

Hi Team,
Can you please assist, we are planning to migrate from one instance of nexus to another. We just needed guidance on what critical stuff we need to look for without affecting the destination instance.

What should be move or what should not be moved.

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Hi Ntokozo. Thanks for your post. We have a whole chapter dedicated to Upgrades (i.e. migrating NXRM 2 or 3 to NXRM 3). Take a look at the info and steps here: Upgrading. One thing to note, upgrades from instance A to instance B require that you shut down systems before performing such. Reach out if you have any more questions. Regards - Dulani

Hi Dulani, Thank for the reply. I’m currently trying to move repos from one instance to another, I am not doing an upgrade. So I wanted to check if I can only move blobstore to the destination instance.
Is this possible?


You’ll need to move the work directory and blob stores. See here:

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I thought moving blob stores is not recommended nor supported?
Lets say you have a default blob store on Server A and a default blob store on Server B that is to be migrated to Server A.
You cannot merge or rename blob stores, so would have to create a blob store group to house both or something similar, but if they are named the same, what is the process?