Nexus Upgrade: Nexus 2.14 OSS to Nexus 3 latest version OSS upgrade


I want to upgrade open source nexus version 2.14 to latest nexus 3 open source version. Can any one provide the steps or documentation. Because current documentation method required pro version. There is no documentation or method I find to upgrade open source version.

Please help me on this.


Hi @krupesh.rakuten and welcome! You can find the documentation for upgrading from Nexus Repository Manager 2 to Nexus Repository Manager 3 at the following link: Upgrading from Nexus Repository Manager 2. It should work for both OSS and Pro versions.

All the mentioned methods on that doc required Pro.

The only method that requires Pro is the Manual Import/Export as this is a Pro feature. The Built-in Upgrade Wizard and Manually Proxying Old Repositories should not require Pro.

Okay Thanks