Nexus2 and Nexus3 task equivalency


I need to “move” a given set of scheduled tasks from Nexus2 to Nexus3 and I’ve just realized that some specific types of task in Nexus2 don’t have its translation into Nexus3. Can someone give me some tips? Here’s a list with the types of tasks existing on my instance of Nexus2 that I would need to create on Nexus3 (on the right I’ve written the equivalent Nexus3 type which I think would suit best; for some others I didn’t found anything similar):

Update Repositories Index – ???
Optimize Repository Index – ???
Repair Repository Index – Rebuild repository search
Rebuild Maven Metadata Files – Rebuild Maven repository metadata (maven-metadata.xml)
Empty Trash – ???
Check for new report availability – ???
Publish Indexes – Publish Maven Indexer files
Purge Nexus Timeline – Delete unused components
Remove Snapshots from Repository – Delete SNAPSHOT (Maven)
Remove Unused Snapshots from Repository – Delete unused SNAPSHOT (but I read this has been replaced with Cleanup Policies)

Thanks a lot for your help!

I think the Empty Trash task would be equivalent to the Admin - Compact Blobstore task.

The closest equivalent to Update Repositories Index is likely Repair - Rebuild repository search. Same for Optimize Repository Index.

I don’t know what the Check for New Report Availability task does, so I’m unable to suggest a replacement.

I hope that helps.

There are only 2 tasks for Maven indexes, publish and unpublish.
Feeds don’t exist in nexus 3.
Empty trash ~ compact blobstore

Otherwise tasks are available see the task documentation - Tasks