Nexus3.27 how to control the bag version number

Hello everyone, I want to control the some repo history version number, for example, there are a bag name abc, but most of the developer don’t delete the old version, and some bag don’t update version frequently.
I know the clean up policy can delete some old version bag, but I just want to control the version number of it. For example, when I set this repo bag that the max version number is 50, if there are 49 bags, the developer must to delete the old version bag by themself and then update.

this website is the official website about ‘clean up policy’.

I know in the Nexus3.15 version that there are a function named “Asset History Limit”.


If you are using a maven repo and you want to cleanup snapshots I believe there is a task that will delete some number of old snapshots. That said, if I’m understanding what you want to do, there is no current functionality in place to do that. I believe this ticket (if/when implemented) would do what you want so you may want to vote/follow it:

yes, thanks for answer, but I want to find this function is the new version in apt hosted repo.

Again we do not have any functionality for removing versions by version number.