Nexus3 compact blob store task is running already 3 days


we installed the Nexus3 OSS version.
We have 250 GB of disk space for the one and only default blob store.

I created now a first cleanup rule and applied it to 2 of our 8 repositories.
Then I started the task to compact the blob store.

Unfortunately this task is now running already for almost 3 days and it has not finished yet.
I am not sure if it has released any disk space yet either.

Is there any rule of thumb how long such a compact run might take?
How can I find out if the task might be stuck?
Does the compact task releases disk space incrementally or when the task has finished?

Thanks a lot.


I believe space is released incrementally, but running for three days doesn’t sound right with that smallish amount of binaries. Have you looked at the logs? Tasks produce task-specific log files, so you should be able to check when it last reported doing any work.

There will be a task-specific log file in the <nexus-data>/log/tasks folder.

It looked like those Nexus tasks were stuck.
We restarted Nexus.
Now its working as expected.

Thank you guys.

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