Nexus3 disk space cannot be released

Hi :

I am currently encountering a problem with Nexus3, version 3.69.0. I have many repositories using the default blob store, including Docker and some raw type repositories. I have deleted the Docker repository from the web interface, but the disk storage space has not been released. How can I free up disk storage space?

I have executed the following tasks, but the disk space has not been released:

  1. Repository - Delete unused components
  2. Docker - Delete unused manifests and images
  3. Admin - Compact blob store
  4. Repair - Recalculate blob store storage
  5. Admin - Cleanup repositories using their associated policies

I have also restarted the Nexus3 service, but the disk space is still not released.

There should be a background task which removes the content of a repository, your logs should contain Deleting bucket for repository.

Once that completes you’d need to run Compact blobstore.