Nexus3 Storage Choice

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We’re currently using Nexus3 OSS single-instance version with 8TB of AWS EBS storage. We need to make this higher-availability because we’ve been asked to provide a RTO and RPO of 1 hour. The requirement is also to allow for an AZ failure in AWS. A PRO license would be considered.

I’ve spent some time reading your docs (including Deployment Models guide) and I see that a cluster is limited to single-site - I’m guessing because the Hazelcast and latency? - … so whilst it may help, it would not deal with the AZ failure requirement.

My current thinking is to continue on EBS and take hourly snapshots to S3, which will be available for use in another AZ. The OrientDB can be exported hourly if we can take the very brief disruption to publishing artifacts during the backup, and this can be replicated too via snapshot, all ready for a relatively-consistent restore to a warm-standby node. (Otherwise, maybe we can take less frequent OrientDB backups and reconcile from the blob store? Jerry mentions this in my previous post,

The reason I’m thinking EBS is the better option, rather than S3 or EFS, is that it appears easier to achieve a point-in-time snapshot that you can keep for DR and rollback. On S3 I believe you can use versioning and tool call ed s3-pit-restore to go back to a particular point in time, and I believe on EFS you can use an EFS-to-EFS Backup Solution. They both sound more complicated. Also EFS costs for 8TB have influenced the current opinion of some people here.

I think that if we can decouple our production instances away from using this 8TB of storage then the RPO and RTO could be reduced to 4hrs, making my suggestions above workable on EBS. I can see testing involved for us to find the right solution, so we may in future need a trial license to migrate a copy of our EBS storage to S3 or EFS on a development server, to evaluate various options. When we get there do we just email sales at for that?

I have no specific question here, though I am hoping that the Community reading this will have some inspiration or ideas that I have not considered. We are very much open to suggestions: Thank you in advance.

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