[NexusIQ] - Unable to browse SAML groups


In the “Add a role” screen, we are trying to search our SAML groups using different wildcards but we are not able to fetch any results.
SAML is configured and previous users are able to sign in successfully after we migrated to SAML.

Could you please give us some pointers to what could have been missing in the configuration?

Thank you!

SAML allows your users to connect to NXRM, but it is a one-way communication. There is no way for NXRM to lookup SAML users or groups.

Thank you for the reply. We were able to add groups to roles using the v2 API.

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(I was answering from the perspective of Nexus Repository Manager, but IQ shouldn’t be any different in that respect - I’m glad you were able to get it figured out.)