Node.js support through the Nexus IQ IDE plugins

Will Node.js be supported under the Nexus IQ IDE plug-ins (Intellij, Eclipse)? If so, where is it on the backlog (when might we expect to see it)?



We are currently investing in IQ for SCM which provides a centralized view of policy results and component information in a tool where developers can collaborate. As such, we have no plans on the roadmap to add additional language support to the IDEs. Which features about the IDE plugins do you find crucial to software development? I’m interested to understand the feasibility of us providing those in SCM.

As a side note, there is a VS Code extension provided by the community that has support for Node.js.

It seems to me that both IDE support and SCM support at pull-request time are useful. The nice thing about having a plug-in in the IDE is that from the moment I open a project, I can see what the current problems are, and start in on them.
If I don’t have that visibility, I might start coding and generate one or a series of commits, before creating a pull request, only to discover that there are issues that would prevent me from merging. I’d like to know as early as possible, and use the pull
request mechanism to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

I’d encourage you not to put all your effort into SCM at the expense of the IDE’s.

I found the VS Code extension you mentioned, and it’s very useful.