Not able to exclude dependency in Nexus IQ


I found a strange thing, not sure if anyone can help.
I have a project “A” which has dependency to another project “B” and “B” uses bouncycastle.
I already put in the dependency section in the pom.xml in “A” to exclude the bouncycastle dependency from “B”.
I ran the command “mvn dependency:tree” to check the dependency, and I didn’t see the bouncycastle from “B”.

However, from our Nexus IQ report, it still shows that bouncycastle from “B”.
Is the dependency exclusion not taken into account?
Or do I have to use dependencyManagement?


Hi Roger,

Thank you for taking the time to post. Is it possible to provide an example? An example would help us reproduce the issue.

Thank you,
Jim Wilcox
Lifecycle Product Manager