Not able to upload npm modules to private repo 404 errors

I’m using Nexus Repository Manager OSS 2.14.13-01. I created a new Proxy. Then created a group referencing the proxy. I configured my .npmrc file with teh registry location, auth, email, etc. Ran npm install and expected the node modules to end up on my repos I created, but no cigar. I get 200 from fetches in the log, but 404s for getting the gz files. Can someone please point me at an accurate article that explains how to get npm modules hosted in my private repo? I am NOT trying to publish my project to Nexus, just the npm modules that the project references in its package.json file. Many thanks in advance.

Hey Bret,

Here’s a guide that covers npm. Let me know if this helps.

It is geared towards 3 which makes adding 3rd party npm modules much easier. I’m using 2.14.13-01

There is also documentation for nexus 2 - Node Packaged Modules and npm Registries

Is this resolved with Nexus Repository Manager OSS 2.14 version?

Has your hosted npm repository been added into the npm group repository?