Npm group repo requires cache invalidation to see package in private repo


  • nexus 3.18.0-01
  • Ubuntu
  • behind nginx reverse proxy

I have several npm repos. Of importance are:

  • npm-private: hosted npm packages
  • npm-proxy: proxies
  • npm-group: group with the above two

In npm-private, I have several packages. For simplicity,

  • foo: several versions uploaded
  • bar: several version uploaded

On my local host, I have logged into npm-group (using npm login). The following works fine:

  • npm view foo
  • npm install foo

However, the following fails:

  • npm view bar

npm ERR! code E200
npm ERR! Failed to stream response due to: Missing blob and no handler set to recover. : bar

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR! /home/me/.npm/_logs/2019-10-15T14_37_53_962Z-debug.log

I can see all the versions of “bar” in the Nexus UI.

After I invalidate the cache of npm-group, the issue goes away and “bar” is available.

This seems like a bug in Nexus. I thought this had been fixed? Note that I have not upgraded beyond 3.18.0-01 as the issue list for versions higher than that don’t seem to solve my problem and would take some resources that I can’t afford right now.

Note: I have saved a support zip for the issue and can make it available to Sonatype support if required.

Is there anybody who could please help with this? It happens multiple times…always having to invalidate the cache. I can provide extra logs if required.

Hi Ryan,

Our apologies for the delay. I will do my best to investigate this further when time permits. Would you be able to provide the logs. Additionally can you tell me wether you are using a HA setup.


This is a community forum. Something like this would be better handled by filing a bug in the “dev - nexus” project at