NPM Install from Group taking too long

We are using the OSS 3.16.1-02
We have 3 repositories (for npm)

  • a private hosted repository
  • a proxy repository pointing to the official npmjs registry
  • a group repository that has both the above repositories

This is what we are seeing:

  1. Our npm package is present only in the private hosted repository. But the dependent packages are present in the official registry, so we have the registry in .npmrc file as ‘http://mynexusrepo/my-group-repository
    The package is 4.7MB and it took 20sec to install the library using npm i -g mypackage

We thought this could be a one time issue, but the second install took 15min, which is again too long for a 4mb package.

  1. Now, the next thing that we tried is, we took a package which is present only in the global registry
  • we set the registry as the global registry
  • ran the command npm i -g angular5-multiselectcheckbox, the install completed in 1.8seconds
  • now, we set the registry back to our group registry ‘http://mynexusrepo/my-group-repository
  • ran the command npm i -g angular5-multiselectcheckbox, the install completed in 50seconds

The same package, when downloaded by pointing to different registries, seem to be acting differentlt.
It definitely seems like there is a delay while the install is done using the nexus group set as the registry.

We are at a point, where the package is taking too long to install and we are unable to utilize Nexus.
Looking forward to your inputs.

Minu Francis


This forum isn’t the right place to debug technical problems.

If you have a support contract with us you can use our support system at Please note that the support system is for licensed customers only.

Otherwise, if you think this is a bug, you can try raising an issue at in the “Dev - Nexus” issue.

Either way, provide a support zip file if you can get to the Nexus Repo UI. Or provide the complete nexus.log file otherwise.