Npm proxy not getting new packages


So, here’s the scenario:

Nexus instance A (3.18.0)

  • repo A-hosted: npm hosted
  • repo A-group: npm group that contains A-hosted (and other things)

Nexus instance B (3.18.0)

  • repo B-proxy: npm proxy of A-group; component and metadata age set to -1; no negative cache
  • repo B-group: npm group that contains B-proxy (and other things)

A package is published to A-hosted. I EXPECT it to be immediately available on B-group, but it’s not. If I invalidate the cache on B-proxy, it becomes available.

Am I missing a setting on my repos or is this a bug? (I thought there was a bug posted about this and it was fixed on version later than 3.16.? or something…)



The maximum metadata age setting in a proxy determines how often Nexus Repo will check the remote for updates to package metadata (e.g., newly available versions). By default it is 1440 minutes (24 hours).

Reduce that timeout if more frequent updates are needed.


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@rseddon so setting it to -1 has no effect?

Setting it to -1 definitely has an effect, that makes the cache timeout infinite, so Nexus Repo will never check for updates. Set it to 0 if you want to have Nexus always check.


I still have the issue with maven snapshot proxy repo. For Maximum metadata age, tried both 1 and 0. Had to “Rebuild index” to get it to work.

how to do that in the version

Sonatype Nexus Repository ManagerOSS 3.22.0-02

Set a new value for it in the proxy repository’s configuration page.