Npm repo browsing UI

New to Nexus and considering it for our private npm registry. I can’t seem to find any screenshots showing how users can browse the hosted npm registry. I was expecting something remotely looking and behaving like where users could see the file, access various versions, navigate to the Git Repository URL, etc.
Is that something Nexus provides or not?



Hey Eric,

Nexus Repo pulls metadata from the package.json and displays those as attributes, which is pretty close to what you’re after I believe:

The UI shows the different version of a component in a particular repo. For example I upload a couple versions of Webpack to a hosted nom repository:

Let me know if that helps.


Thanks for the info. We’re on Repo Manager 2.x right now… I will take a look when we move to 3.x (looks like your screenshot is 3.x).
do you know where we can submit ideas and feature requests?



Use the “dev - nexus” project at