NPM Update AND Install Issues

We are working on Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager 3.29.2-02 that running on docker.
After upgrading from version 3.23.0 to the new version we have many issues with the Jenkins builds.
We have an npm group repository that includes hosted and proxy repositories.

Each day we have this error when running npm update; npm install :

npm ERR! No valid versions available for undefined

We fix it with the button “Invalidate Cache” in the UI, but then this issue comes again the next day.
In Nexus logs, we do not have Errors or something that indicate something wrong.

I see that some users also have this issue but not see any answers about how to resolve it.
Hope you can assist me with this issue.



I’m seeing this exact same issue after an upgrade. Any updates on this issue?

I’ve not seen this before. Is there anything special about the packages? Are the namespaced or not? Do they have both hosted and proxy versions or otherwise two different sources within the group? If you hit the non-group repository where they come from do you get the same error or is it only when you pull from the group?

Same trouble for us :pensive: