Nuget group issues in combination with Chocolatey

We use the Sonatype Nexus repository to host nuget feeds for chocolatey packages.
We have a group which contains 2 hosted feeds.

This had worked perfectly but after some upgrades of chocolatey we had issues that the choco search did not list al the packages of the feeds but a subnet of them.

See also this github issue: Choco search not returning all results from Nexus and Artifactory repositories · Issue #3270 · chocolatey/choco (

The suggestion is to add /index.json to the url to forece a v3 nuget.
This resolves the seach problem.

But introduces a new problem that depencies are not working.

When we add both nuget hosted feeds directly to the client without a group there is no problem at all.

We like the features of grouping the hosted feeds. Has someone a solutions for this

The only suggestion I have is to make sure that all members of a NuGet group are either v2 or v3. Do not mix the two.

but how can I check which version they are?
I can’t see which version the hosted repositories are.

I believe you can find this information on the help site: NuGet Repositories