NXRM 2 to NXRM 3

I am preparing an upgrade of our NXRM2 to NXRM3 upgrade.

The target version is 3.16 (or 3.19 / 3.20 depending on integrations).
It is very crucial for our automation and historical data the old URL remains accessible.
But when I run a trial upgrade I don’t see the NXRM2 style activated.
The new URL is:

The old URL was:
Which I don’t get up-and-running although I enabled the capability:
NXRM2 style URLs enabled.

What is lacking?

Welcome to the Community, Hans!

Try this instead: https://domain.com/content/sites/jubel_raw/
Without the ‘nexus’ route.

Thank you for the hint, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Also this URL is not found: 404

I think you’re just hitting this:

Try pulling some content through it.

Thank you all. It really helped me solving my upgrade case.

When browsing the upgraded NXRM3 I can’t find any compatible URL.
But pulling the data from the NXRM3 hosted repository I can via 2 URL’s:
NXRM3 URL : /repository/jubel_maven2
NXRM2 compatible URL : /content/groups/jubel_raw

The desired/required URL is not working:
NXRM2 compatible URL : /nexus/content/groups/jubel_raw
Anybody an idea how to enable the /nexus/…… compatibility on Nexus3?

I am able to set the contextpath explicitly to /nexus via the jetty.xml to solve my /nexus issue.
(learned via What to Configure in Jetty)

The combination of the two changes enables my NXRM2 URL to be migrated completely to NXRM3.