NXRM 3.15 and Component Usage Snippets

In NXRM 3.15 we’ve put in place, a popular feature from NXRM 2, the ability to copy/paste dependency snippets for Maven POM files. This was a small but rather handy feature; no one wants to type all that junk themselves. Not only that, but in this new implementation we now support many more component formats that can be viewed in search results and browse listings. Here is an example from the search results (note the ‘Usage’ tab seen when you drill down to an asset from the search results list) with the handy ‘copy to clipboard’ button as well:

And another example from the Browse screen where the sections seen in search are listed vertically instead (again note the new ‘Usage’ section):

In addition to the POM examples that are shown as they were in NXRM 2, we have also expanded this functionality to cover a number of tools beyond just Maven; you can select from a number of them via the dropdown control:

This functionality will now cover formats other than Maven, including PyPI:


and Rubygems:

Docker and NPM will be coming in the 3.16 release.

Hope you enjoy!

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this feature can show also Type and Classifier for an artifact. How does it work? Where does it search for that information? When using API (/v1/search) there is only information about group, name, and version (no information about Type nor Classifier).