NXRM-3.18.1 HA-C Setup node issues

I have setup NXRM HA-C with docker and I have three nodes with NXRM running in the containers. I have configured hazelcast-network.xml and seems to be everything looks good. However, I am getting this sort of errors in the log:

2019-08-28 17:31:23,959+0000 INFO [hz.nexus.IO.thread-Acceptor] Node-1 *SYSTEM com.hazelcast.nio.tcp.TcpIpConnectionManager - []:5701 [nexus] [3.10.3] Established socket connection between / and /
2019-08-28 17:31:23,959+0000 WARN [hz.nexus.IO.thread-in-0] Node-1 *SYSTEM com.hazelcast.nio.tcp.TcpIpConnectionManager - []:5701 [nexus] [3.10.3] Wrong bind request from []:5701! This node is not the requested endpoint: []:5701
2019-08-28 17:31:23,959+0000 INFO [hz.nexus.IO.thread-in-0] Node-1 *SYSTEM com.hazelcast.nio.tcp.TcpIpConnection - []:5701 [nexus] [3.10.3] Connection[id=7157, />/, endpoint=null, alive=false, type=MEMBER] closed. Reason: Wrong bind request from []:5701! This node is not the requested endpoint: []:5701

It appears, that the node can’t join as a member.

If you’re using HA, that means you have a license. So use our support system for licensed users to get help with this:




Thank Rich!

Hello Sumyan,

Was your issue resolved? We are also having the same issue while running on AWS with instances in auto-scaling group (1 EC2 instance per scaling group).

We have 2 interfaces on each instance and as suggested by nexus, we bind the interface to list on particular ethernet.

We validated that service is running on desired ethernet with 5701 port, but still one node is trying to connect on eth0 on which the service is not runnning.

We have also used the TCP/IP join mechanism and defined the values for eth1 (with static IPs).



Sourabh Maggo