NXRM helm chart HA-AWS : io1 to io2


In the helm chart to deploy nxrm on aws, the chart use io1 for local disk.

io2 is a new generation of the [Provisioned IOPS SSD]volumes that is designed to provide 100X durability of 99.999% as well as a 10X higher IOPS to storage ratio of 500 IOPS for every provisioned GB –at the same price as the previous generation (io1).

here the code of the helm chart : https://github.com/sonatype/nxrm3-ha-repository/blob/main/sample-aws-ha-yamls/aws-ha-storage-class.yaml#L25

Do you think it’ll be possible to change this to io2 OR modify the value with a variable ?


Thanks for the suggestion, I passed this along